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About Hambos Pups


Hambos started with a singular mission, to make a “tough enough” dog toy for a rescue pup, Pocket. Using a leather hole punch and the heaviest piece of leather scrap she could find, Danielle looked to YouTube and put together a pizza shaped squeaky toy that lasted a whole afternoon. You could say she got inspired, or you could say, she got obsessed. From there, things started tumbling. In a good way. From toys, to more toys. From leashes to collars. Danielle was thrilled to focus her energy towards bringing people together with their pups.   

Who is Hambo?

Born and raised around animals, Danelle Hammer (Hambo) likes to joke that her fast pace walk came from trying to keep up with her horse, Bandit, when she was little. She spent hours every day teaching the family dogs new tricks in the garage or finding and nursing a stray in need, back to health. She has countless animal stories that involve everything from taking a duck on a family road trip to teaching her orphaned pigeon, Steve, how to fly.  Learning from a young age that trust comes from a bond that can only be built over time and with love, care and consistency. Danielle’s mission is to help the world create a stronger bond with their furry companions. Part of that mission is using a leash that enables a trusting relationship. Where I go, you go and vice versa. 

-Designed and made in Seattle, Washington.

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