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Rigorous testing ensures unmatched durability, performance, and safety for every playtime and walk.


At Hambos, our love for dogs goes beyond creating beautiful and functional products. It delves deep into ensuring each product we put in the market is safe, durable, and worthy of your pet’s use. Here’s a glimpse into our rigorous testing process.​
  1. Quality Materials Selection: We begin our product journey by sourcing the highest quality materials available. From robust fabrics to heavy-duty hardware like Cobra buckles, we ensure every component is top-notch.

  2. Strength Tests: Before we even think about production, our materials undergo thorough strength tests. We evaluate their resilience, durability, and endurance to ensure they can withstand the playful rigor and daily wear-and-tear your dog may subject them to.

  3. Use Tests: Beyond just pulling and tugging at our products, we simulate real-world scenarios. How does that toy hold up when thrown repeatedly? Does the leash maintain its integrity after consistent use over time? We ask these questions and many more, refining our designs based on the answers.

  4. Engaging with Real Dogs: We believe the best feedback comes directly from the users themselves – in our case, the dogs! Our products are put to the test by a diverse group of dogs, ranging in size, breed, and play style. We closely monitor their interactions to identify any potential points of improvement.

  5. Continuous Feedback Loop: Once our products are in the market, we don’t stop there. We actively seek feedback from our customers, making improvements and refinements as necessary. Your feedback helps us make our products even better!

At the heart of our testing process is our commitment to your dog’s safety and happiness. We don’t just want to make dog products; we aim to craft the best dog toys, leashes, and collars available. And our rigorous testing ensures we do just that. When you choose Hambos, you’re not only choosing style and functionality but also peace of mind.

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