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Dry Four Leash

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The Dry Four is a paired down version of the PNW Dry Leash. It offers a simple, and functional design all while looking great and feeling great. The minimalist leash body keeps things simple. Our unique, lightweight Biothane, is easy to handle and will never harbor the unwanted bacteria that causes “wet dog” smell.

This four foot leash is great for taller dogs, and training. Perfect for activities like jogging, rain or shine!

  • Durable & easy to clean
  • Auto-Locking Carabiner
  • Antimicrobial & non-absorbent
  • Classic leash design

Why this leash?

Your leash is the touch point between you and your best friend. For a lot of doggy parents, It’s the most used accessory in our everyday lives. You should ever have to think about your leash while using it, your leash should seamlessly fit into your lifestyle. The PNW Dry Leash will never stink up your car or your entryway. It will never be soggy when you pick it up and It will never look haggard. If you’ve played in the wet grass or on a muddy trail just rinse it away with a quick dip in a nearby stream, lake, or rain puddle and just like that, it’s ready for your next adventure, or quick bathroom break. 

The story of the PNW Dry Leash

After waiting for the right time, my partner and I rescued a very scared pup and named her Pocket. She was a six month old 20 lbs stray, pit-mix who came with loads of trauma from abandonment, and god knows what else. She had zero trust in people and needed time and baby steps to build up her confidence. After Pocket gained the courage to go up the stairs and out the door without being carried, bad leash luck struck.  

Leash # 1 – The Retractable Leash
I accidentally dropped the retractable leash. I froze. Pocket ran. The retractable leash kept retracting after her. She kept running, terrified the leash was going to get her, into traffic and around cars and under a nearby bush. The whole thing was awful and set us back in helping Pocket. 

Leash # 2 & 3 – The Standard Nylon Leash & Climbing Rope Leash
We bought a standard nylon leash, it was heavy. So we bought a climbing rope leash, it was smelly, floppy and spongy. So we bought a lightweight nylon leash. It was good but it gave me a rope burn when Pocket would see a squirrel and it was hard on my hands with all the knots I tied in it. So then I bought a 30ft nylon long lead for the park, but in Seattle the grass is always wet, so the lead would be drench, covered in dirt and it weighed a ton. 

I knew there had to be a better solution, one that would work for us. After spending too much money on too many leashes that didn’t quite work, I started making prototypes of something that resembled a leash. And as it turns out, anyone can make a dog leash. I know, I’ve made loads of them.  I made so many leashes that didn’t feel good or function properly and after each one thought about the big and little details that didn’t add up. It’s easy to make a leash but it’s hard to make a great leash that is simple, does all the things, and looks good. 

I developed and tested the PNW Dry Leash over many months and months, through a lot of trial and error. Finally, after deciding on the right hardware (easy to use, durable, and looks good),  material (strong, lightweight, feels good, & stink-free/clean), and design, it was ready for testing. I was so excited to let my 60lbs Pitty-mix, confidently run around, putting the leash through the gauntlet. She ran through wet grass, the dirt, the rain, the snow and mud, dragging the leash through it all. The leash was good.

And after all that, I went back to my sewing machine and made it a little better than good. It’s the best leash I’ve ever used. I can confidently say, PNW Dry Leash will forever change the way you interact with your pup. 

Accident Replacement Program 

We get it. We’ve been there. We know accident happen and we want you to know that we’ve got your back. Our accident replacement program is here to help and ease the burden of replacing something the link between you and your dog when something goes wrong.  Learn more here.


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Coal, Max Pink, Toast, Water Moss


Auto-Locking Carabiner

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